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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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rant of our doings; but I have the pleasure of mending your prospect a little. Yesterday the Common Council met, and resolved upon instructions to their members, which, except one not very descriptive paragraph, contains nothing personal against our new Earl; and ends with resolutions 'to stand by our present constitution.' Mind what followed! .One of them proposed to insert 'the King and Eoyal Family' before the words, 'our present constitution'; but, on a division, it was rejected by three to one.
But to-day, for good news! Sir Kobert has resigned; Lord Wilmington is First Lord of the Treasury, and Sandys has accepted the seals as Chancellor of the Exchequer, with G-ybbon9 and Sir John Eushout10, joined to him as other Lords of the Treasury. Waller31 was to have been the other, but has formally refused. So Lord Sundon, Earle, Treby, and Clutterbuck12 are the first discarded, unless the latter saves himself by Waller's refusal. Lord Harrington, who is created an Earl, is made President of the Council, and Lord Carteret has consented to be Secretary of State in his room—but mind, not one of them has promised to be against the prosecution of Sir Eobert, though I don't believe now that it will go on. You see Pulteney is not come in, except in his friend Sir John Eushout, but is to hold the balance between liberty and prerogative; at least, in this, he acts with honour. They say Sir John Hinde Cotton and the Jacobites wiE be left out, unless they bring in Dr. Lee and Sir John Barnard to the Admiralty, as they propose; for I do not think it is decided what are their principles. Sir Charles Wager has resigned this morning: he says, 'We
9  Phillips Gybbon, M.P. for Eye.
10   Sir    John    Rushout,    fourth Baronet;   Lord   of   the   Treasury, 1742-43;   Treasurer of the   Navy, 1748-44; d. 1776.
11  Edmund Waller, M.P. for Chip-
ping Wycombe ; Cofferer of the Household, 1744.
12 Lord Sundon, Giles Earle, George Treby, and Thomas Olutter-buok were Lords of the Treasury.